“Everybody can’t do big things,
but we can all do little things
that help others.”

Judge Abe

Call to Action

Good mentoring has an impact.

UntitledMentoring improves a child’s social emotional skills. According to a review of a national mentoring program’s outcomes, mentoring increases a child’s self-confidence and decreases his/her likelihood of engaging in violent behavior, including hitting someone or carrying a weapon. One hundred percent (100%) of the students in Lend-A-Hand grantee Circle Urban’s mentoring program reported that their mentors helped them to make better choices in school, and 92 percent reported their mentors helped them make better choices outside of school.

gradcapMentoring improves the likelihood of academic success. The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network identifies mentoring as one of the top fifteen effective strategies that have positive impact on the dropout rate. Eighty percent (80%) of Lend-A-Hand grantee Cluster Tutoring’s high school students are on track to graduate, and none of the students in the tutoring/mentoring program dropped out of high school in the last two years.

Mentoring is cost effective. Launch U is a Lend-A-Hand grantee program that matches rising high school seniors with mentors for one year to help advise and guide the students through the college application process. An extra $1,000 for Launch U enables the program to serve 5 or 6 additional students, a marginal cost of only $166 per student, and 100 percent of Launch U’s students, not only graduate from high school, but are accepted into college.

Good mentoring makes an impact on youth. By donating today, you can ensure the ongoing impact that these programs are having.daisy


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Mentoring Resources

Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth grantee mentoring programs receive a cash grant once a year and professional development and other capacity building technical assistance throughout the year.